Chalk Painting Letters

We have been wanting to try homemade sidewalk chalk paint, so I thought we would make some and try chalk painting letters on our driveway. It was great fun and we plan to do it again soon!

Painting alphabet letters with sidewalk chalk paint.

My kids had a blast painting on the window with shaving cream, so I knew they would also enjoy painting on the driveway with chalk paint. This week was the perfect week to give it a try because the Playful Preschool theme for the week is chalk. The team has a bunch of fun chalk activities planned for you, so check them all out below!

Materials Needed:

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To make your own sidewalk chalk paint:

Mix equal parts cornstarch and water. I used 1/2 cup of each. Stir to mix together completely. Then add food coloring or washable paint. Stir and add coloring until you reach your desired color.

We also bought sidewalk chalk paint and love that too! The colors are more vibrant than we were able to achieve with the homemade recipe and the consistency is a bit easier to paint with, but either option will work.

Homemade sidewalk chalk paint

Painting Letters with Chalk Paint

I wrote letters on the cement with a regular chalk stick. I decided to use this as an opportunity for Evan to practice writing the letters in his name, so those are the letters I wrote on the driveway. You could just randomly draw uppercase and/or lowercase letters all over the cement.

Trace letters with sidewalk chalk paint on the driveway.

Then I asked Evan to paint over the letters with the chalk paint we made. We started with a sponge paintbrush, but a regular bristle paintbrush ended up working out better for him.

Learn to write letters of the alphabet with chalk.

He really enjoyed painting over the letters of his name. He really loved that his name was proudly displayed on our driveway for his dad to see when he got home!

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