Cookie Math Game: A Roll and Cover Free Printable

This cookie math game is a fun, hands-on way for kids to practice counting, number recognition, subitizing and more! Perfect for a cookie theme math center!

A fun cookie theme math game for preschool, kindergarten and first grade!

My kids loved this counting bear roll and cover math game so much that I just had to make another version. This one was also a hit a with the kids.

Cookie Math Game

This cookie roll and cover math game is super simple to set up. Just print and play! It would be a great addition to a math center or just a fun game to play at home with the kids.

Cookie number sense game for preschool, kindergarten and first grade. A fun numbers game for kids.

Cookie addition math game. A hands-on way to learn to add numbers.

There are two levels included. One that works on numbers 1-6 and another where children will add numbers together and work on numbers 2-12.

This was perfect for both of my kids. My 4-year-old was able to use the first version (with some help from me) and my first grader used the addition version as a review game.

However, my son enjoys the game aspect of either one, so I think even more advanced learners are able to enjoy the either one.

Cookie theme math center idea for kids.

Cookie Number Sense

While children are playing, they will learn to count. But the hope is that they will also learn to subitize numbers. That is that they will be able to see a group of objects and quickly recognize how many there are without having to count each one individually.

They will also learn one to one correspondence as they count each dot on the dice or each chocolate chip on the cookie.

Teach number sense with this cookie number sense math game.

Children who use the addition version of the game will learn to combine two numbers and find their sum. They will do this by counting two groups of dots (two dice) and finding how much they are when combined.

Cookie math game for preschool and kindergarten.

Setting Up the Cookie Math Game

Supplies Needed:

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All you have to do to set up the cookie math game is print the game boards and grab the supplies. It is super simple to use again and again.

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Teach number sense with this cookie number sense math game.