Editable Apple Word Building Activity Mats Printable

These apple word building mats are perfect for literacy centers during your apple theme. Teach names, sight words, spelling words and more this fall!

Apple word building mats for word work in your literacy centers this fall. Teach sight words, spelling words, and even names!

Apple Word Building Activity

Looking for a fun literacy activity to add to your apple theme? These free printable word building mats make learning words or names a hands-on experience.

Kids will be engaged while learning to read words, write words and build words.

Use a wide variety of alphabet manipulatives to change up the activity and keep your students interested.

We enjoy using letter magnets, alphabet beads, letter tiles, alphabet snap cubes, play dough, and more!

A fun apple theme word building activity for word work in kindergarten, first grade, or second grade. Add them to your fall literacy centers for hands-on learning.

Differentiated Word Building

The mats come with editable word cards that you can use for any words you want. The font resizes to fit the card, so any word (or name) length will work.

This means that it is super easy for you to differentiate for the needs of your students and their specific needs.

It doesn’t matter whether they are learning beginning sight words or more challenging spelling words, this word building activity will work for the kids you teach!

Teach CVC words, sight words, spelling words and more with this apple theme word work activity for fall literacy centers.

Setting Up the Apple Word Building Mats

Supplies Needed:

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Setting Up the Activity:

  1. Type the words onto the cards in the file.
  2. Print out the cards and the word building mat.
  3. Cut out the word cards and laminate for added durability.
  4. Slip the mat into a write and wipe pocket or laminate.
  5. Get the alphabet manipulatives ready.
Practice spelling words, sight words, CVC words with a fun apple theme word work activity.

Learning Sight Words or Spelling Words

Students will place a word card on the read box on the mat. Then they will read the word out loud.

Next, they will write the word in the write it box.

Finally, they will build the word with alphabet manipulatives.

Apple activity for word work centers, literacy centers, small group, or morning work. A fall word building activity.

This gives them a variety of way to learn words all on one mat. Plus, it makes it so easy for you to differentiate for all of your students at once.

As a result, it is super effective while also being fun and engaging for your students.

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