Hammering Tees into Watermelons

My son had a blast hammering tees into watermelons the other day! I think it’s a perfect fine motor and gross motor activity for summer. It’s so easy to set up too!

Hammering watermelons is a fun way to develop fine motor skills this summer. My son loved this hammering activity!

My son loved hammering tees in the ground, so I started thinking about other things he could hammer. A favorite is hammering tees into pumpkins, but it is almost summer and there aren’t many pumpkins around. There are lots of watermelons though!

Setting Up the Hammering Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  1. I didn’t want to waste the watermelon inside, so I cut it in half and cleaned out the watermelon by cutting it in chunks.
  2. Then I simply brought a watermelon half outside, placed it open side down on the patio and laid the golf tees and hammer next to it.

Hammering tees into watermelons is a super fun way to develop fine motor skills!

Hammering Tees in a Watermelon

When my son saw that I laid the golf tees and hammer next to the watermelon half, he knew exactly what I was going to let him do and he was quite excited about it.

Learning to use a hammer practical life skill.

At first he had a tiny bit of difficulty holding the golf tee on the watermelon and them hammering it in. It actually wasn’t so much difficulty as it was fear that he would hammer his fingers. He did try it out a few times and was quite good at it, but he still didn’t feel comfortable.

This summer activity for kids is so much fun! Let them smash watermelon rinds with a hammer!

This fun summer activity for kids is sure to be a hit!

That’s when he decided to push the tees into the watermelon with his hands. It was pretty difficult to do, but excellent fine motor practice for him. Once he had it pushed in a bit, he would pick up the hammer and pound it in the rest of the way.

Pushing golf tees into watermelons for fine motor skills development.

This is exactly the kind of fine motor practice he likes to do, so I am happy I was able to find yet another way to work on those fine motor skills and still keep it enjoyable.

Hammering tees into watermelons for fine motor practice.

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