Homemade Clay Dinosaur Eggs

This week we made some really cool homemade clay dinosaur eggs. The recipe for the clay is super easy and only requires two common household ingredients.

Dinosaur eggs craft using a super easy homemade clay recipe.

I have been wanting to buy some clay because I thought it would be great for his fine motor development and a crafty activity he may actually enjoy. So I was super excited when I came across a recipe for homemade clay in Super Sensory Invitations to Play.

The recipe only requires two ingredients and we had them both in the house, so it was a perfect activity to whip out one afternoon.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 cups of cornstarch
  • 1 cup of white glue

Mix the ingredients together until you get a clay-like consistency. If it is too dry, add more glue. If there is too much moisture, add more cornstarch.

I did end up having to mix the ingredients together with my hands and I kneaded them until I had a good consistency.

Making Dinosaur Eggs with Homemade Clay

I gave Evan the bowl with the clay inside of it and invited him to use it to make dinosaur eggs. I explained that we were going to make them and then wait for them to dry for a day or so. Once they were dry, he would be able to decorate them.

With an activity like this I like to set expectations up-front. Otherwise, he is surprised to find out the clay will have to dry for a long period of time and he’ll get frustrated. The wait was perfectly fine with him though. He was just super excited to make dinosaur eggs! It also helped that he had practice waiting when we made this really awesome dinosaur fossil excavation kit with cornstarch and water.

Form clay into egg shape to form dinosaur eggs.

I let him take complete control over the eggs and he decided to make them in varying sizes. He made one very large one and one teeny tiny one and all different sizes in between. He said this was because they are all different sizes of dinosaurs.

We then placed the clay eggs on wax paper to dry. The large eggs did take quite a while to dry. I ended up flipping them over the next morning so that the other side could dry. The smallest eggs were fine about 24 hours later. The large eggs took about 48 hours to dry.

Decorating clay eggs with markers to makers. A fun dinosaur craft!

Color on clay with markers to make this dinosaur eggs craft.

Dinosaur eggs craft for a preschool dinosaur theme.

Once dry, the eggs were ready to be decorated. We decided to color them with markers. I just Evan the markers and let him go to town coloring them however he liked. He loved this part and was super excited about the way they turned out!