Invitation to Build a Scarecrow with Play Dough

Play dough is very popular in our home and this invitation to build a scarecrow was a huge hit! My son played with the tray for about an hour straight! That’s saying A LOT!

Make a scarecrow activity with play dough. A fun scarecrow craft activity for preschool!

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When I say this activity was a huge hit, I really mean it. Evan doesn’t sit with one activity for very long, but this had enough going on to keep him occupied for a long time. He keeps asking to do it again and again. While playing with the tray, he had lots of fine motor practice. He also worked on color recognition while discussing the many different colors represented. He even used critical thinking skills while trying to figure out how to make a scarecrow and get certain pieces to stick or stay in a certain position.

Materials Needed: 

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Play-Doh – several different colors


Shredded paper – I got mine at the dollar store next to the gift wrapping supplies

Pipe cleaners and/or popsicle sticks – he ended up using both

Googly eyes

Play dough tools

Activity Prep:

1. Put all the supplies out on the table. That’s it!

Activity Details:

There are really no directions. Just leave the supplies out and invite your child to make a scarecrow. Since Evan is only three, I found it helpful to leave some pictures of scarecrows nearby. This way he had some ideas for how to make one. I definitely didn’t make him follow any specific guidelines or even use the pictures if he didn’t want to. He made a more traditional scarecrow at first, but by the end he had a bunch of eyes, swords (popsicle sticks) and shields (buttons). It was an excellent invitation for imaginative play too!

Invitation to Make a Scarecrow with Play Dough. Great fine motor skills practice for fall!

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