Learning Numbers on Alphabet Road

Combining cars and learning is always a win in my house, so my son and daughter had a lot of fun racing cars and learning numbers on alphabet road.

Learn numbers 0-5 with this fun car theme alphabet activity!

This was so simple, but my son loved it. He enjoyed driving his truck across our alphabet road back and forth both ways. It was a great refresher for him on recognizing numbers 0-5.

Supplies Needed:

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  • Foam letter tiles (or even post it notes with letters written on them)
  • A small toy car
  • Large foam die (dice)
  • Small piece of paper to cover the number 6 on the die

Setting Up the Alphabet Road Activity

1. Make a road for the toy car with your foam letter tiles.

2. Cover the number 6 on the die with a small post it or piece of paper.

Learning Numbers 0-5

While rolling the die, children may learn counting, one to one correspondence and subitizing numbers 0-5. I didn’t write a zero on the die, but I would definitely advise it if your child isn’t very familiar with what a zero looks like.

Learning numbers and letters with an alphabet road!

Younger children may need to count the dots on the die to determine the number it represents. Eventually, they will learn to subitize and identify the number represented by sight alone. Evan is now at this stage, but we do lots of dice games so he has had lots of practice.

Learn numbers while racing cars down alphabet road!

I instructed Evan to roll the die and then move that many tiles on the alphabet road. When the car arrived at its destination, I asked him what letter the car landed on and the sound that letter makes.

If your child is just beginning to learn to identify letters, you can just say the name of the letter they landed on. If your child can identify all of their letters, you can ask them to name the letter sound like I did with Evan. For an even greater challenge, you could also ask them to name a word that begins with that letter.

Learning to count and recognize numbers 0-5preschool activity.

We played this several times and it was enjoyed the entire time. Evan loved trying to get the die to land on a big number so that he could move the car farther.

Kids will learn letters and numbers while racing cars!

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