LEGO Maze City for Cars

This LEGO maze city is one of my son’s favorite LEGO activities that we’ve done recently. He loved building the maze and had lots of fun driving his cars through it.

This LEGO maze city was so much fun for my son! It's an excellent way to develop critical thinking skill and fine motor skills. It's also a neat car activity or pretend play small world.

My son is getting into LEGO more every day. It’s awesome to watch him develop critical thinking and fine motor skills and enjoy every minute of it. That’s why I am planning lots of engaging LEGO activities for him.

This one was perfect for the two of us to do together.

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Making a LEGO Maze

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Use the basic bricks to make a maze across two baseplates.
  2. Make city buildings all along the maze with the smaller bricks.
Make a cool large-scale LEGO maze that kids will love driving cars through or using for pretend play.

LEGO Maze City

We used 2×4 bricks to build the maze and then we used 2×2 to make the city buildings. Other sizes will work just fine though.

A fun LEGO activity that uses Matchbox cars to develop critical thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills.

Building the maze was a great way for my son to work on critical thinking skills and problem solving. We had to think critically about how to build the maze and structure so it would work well with the cars driving through it. When we noticed that the cars weren’t going to have enough room to make turns, we had to go back and widen the maze paths. All of this was a great learning experience for him.

On top of that, this is an amazing way to develop fine motor skills. I have seen a great improvement in my son’s fine motor abilities since he started playing and building with LEGO more often!

Driving cars through a super cool LEGO maze!

Developing critical thinking and problem solving with a LEGO maze activity that kids love!

After we had the LEGO maze city built, we grabbed a few matchbox cars and drove them through the maze. This eventually turned into a fun small world for imaginative play. My son made a gas station and drove the cars up to it to fill their tank. He built other stores and homes and use the cars for all kind of pretend play scenarios. He even built a robot who went through the city.

LEGO city maze to drive cars through and use for small world play.

My toddler even got in on the activity and she enjoyed it just as much!

I love that this opened the door for so much fun, creativity and imagination while also encouraging tons of critical thinking, problem solving and fine motor practice!

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