Magnetic Christmas Science and Sensory Bottle

This Christmas science and sensory bottle is a fun way to explore magnetism. Young children will love dragging all the pieces around with a magnet, but even babies can enjoy the sights and sounds.

Magnetic Christmas Science and Sensory Bottle

This is such an easy sensory science activity to set up and it provides tons of enjoyment. It also appeals to young children of all ages, even babies! This bottle allows children to explore magnets while at the same time engaging their senses. There are so many colors to look at and jingle bells to ring.

Materials Needed:

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Large magnet – we got ours at the dollar store (affiliate link)

Empty water bottle

Mini jingle bells – as many as you want

Red and green pipe cleaners – as many as you want

Pom poms (optional)

Activity Prep:

You can involve your preschooler or older children in making these by letting them cut the pipe cleaners and add everything to the bottle.

1. Cut the pipe cleaners in to 1 inch pieces and them to the bottle.

2. Add the jingle bells to the bottle.

3. Add the pom poms if you would like. I just added them for more color and additional objects to look at.

4. Put the lid back on the bottle. If a very young child will be playing with, I recommend hot gluing the lid on, so that it can’t be easily opened. In addition, always supervise your children while the play with this since there are so many small pieces.

Activity Details:

Now your children are ready to explore. Give them the bottle and the magnet and let them see how the pieces in the bottle stick to the magnet. It is fun to drag them all around the bottle. Evan loved trying to pick up as many pieces as he could at once. He even found that he could hold up the whole bottle with the magnet!

After he was done using the magnet, Alyssa played with the bottle. She enjoyed looking at all the colors, but she really loved shaking the bottle to make the bells ring.

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