Magnetic Letter Slam

We love using our magnetic letters for many different learning activities. This alphabet game was a great way to utilize our magnetic letters in a new, exciting way!

 Magnetic Letter Slam

I’ve seen people use magnetic letters on the garage door before and thought it was an awesome idea! I wanted to come up with a fun move and learn alphabet activity that we could do with letters on our garage door. This game was perfect for Evan!

If you don’t own magnetic letters yet, I highly suggest you buy some. I think I paid $2 for them at Meijer and they are worth way more than that when it comes to usefulness! I use them all the time.

Materials Needed:

Magnet Letters

A beach ball or any ball that isn’t too hard

I used a beach ball because I didn’t want to bang the garage door too hard. A bouncy ball should also work just fine.

Setting Up the Alphabet Activity

1. Put the magnetic letters on the garage door. I spaced them out by putting one letter in each rectangle.

Magnetic Letters Alphabet Game

I started calling out a letter and Evan would throw the ball at it. Eventually he started kicking the ball at the letters on the lower part of the garage door.

Evan really enjoyed this game. He loves to play sports so any activity that includes a ball is a hit with him. If you have kids that are the same way, then I bet they will enjoy this too! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.