Mitten Letter Matching on a Clothesline

This mitten letter matching alphabet activity is a fun, hands-on way to practice uppercase and lowercase letter matching while developing fine motor skills!

Winter mitten letter matching alphabet activity on a clothesline. Develop fine motor skills while learning letters!

You can’t do a winter theme with preschoolers without a mitten activity, so I came up with this cute activity that I just knew my kids would enjoy. They loved having their own clothesline to mittens on!

Setting Up the Mitten Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Write a lowercase letter on each of the mittens.
  2. Write the same lowercase letters on each of the clothespins or write their uppercase match.
  3. Place two chairs several feet apart and then tie a piece of yarn to one chair and then bring it over to the other and tie it to that one.

Mitten alphabet activity for winter theme.

Learning Letters with Mitten Letter Matching

I placed all of the mittens and matching clothespins on the floor beneath the clothesline. Then I modeled how the activity would work for my son by attaching one clothespin to the matching mitten and attaching it to the clothesline.

Winter alphabet activity for preschoolers.

It takes a good amount of coordination to attach the mitten and the clothespin to the yarn, so you may need to assist your children with this part. My son had a bit of difficulty with it, but after some practice he was able to do it on his own. This was an excellent fine motor challenge!

Winter theme activity for preschoolers.

It also gave him some more practice with a few letters he is still having trouble identifying. Make sure you talk about the letter names and letter sounds while doing this with your kids. It’s a lot more fun than simply quizzing them with flash cards or something like that.

My toddler even had a great time clipping the clothespins on the mitten and then giving it to me so I could hang it on the clothesline.

Winter mitten letter matching alphabet activity.

I saved the mittens and the clothespins so we can set this up again this winter. I’m also thinking of lots of other ways we can use them to learn other skills!

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