Hands-On Number Activities for Preschoolers

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If you are looking for number activities for preschoolers, then you have come to the right place! These hands-on activities make learning numbers fun!

These number activities for preschoolers are sure to be a hit! Make learning numbers fun and playful!

I am always on the hunt for fun manipulatives or games that will make learning numbers fun for my kids. So, I was super excited when I came across these number toys and activities for preschoolers!

When I showed them to my kids they were just as excited. They couldn’t wait to open them up and try them out. After lots of fun and learning, I can say that they are a total hit. My kids enjoyed them all!

Number Activities for Preschoolers

Number rockets activity that teaches numbers and number recognition.

My kids had a blast with this Launchpad Numbers Match-Up Activity I created to go along with the Lakeshore Number Rockets. It is super simple to set up and can be used again and again.

To make the launchpad numbers game:

Number sense activities for preschool and kindergarten.

  1. Make a 5 x 4 grid on a large piece of butcher paper. Make sure you make each rectangle big enough to fit a rocket inside. Mine were about 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall.
  2. Write one number (1-20) in each space on the grid. I mixed the numbers up so that it would be more of a challenge.
  3. Put all of the rocket pieces in a pile on the floor and have the kids put the rockets together by finding all of the correct matches.
  4. Then place the completed number rockets on the correct launchpad on the paper.

Launch pad numbers game for preschool and kindergarten.

Hands-on number activities that kids will love!

The number rockets are a fantastic way to develop number sense in preschool and kindergarten!

Hands-On Number Activities

Cars number activity for preschoolers!

My kids also really enjoyed playing with these Counting Cars. My preschooler loved adding the people to the cars and then driving them all over the playroom.

One fun thing you can do with them is to place foam bath numbers or pieces of paper with numbers on them all around the room. Then have the kids drive the correct car to each number in the room. My kids love this!

It is a great way to work on number recognition and one to one correspondence.

Number play dough mats for fun and learning numbers.

We also LOVED the Learn to Count! Dough Mats. Pair them with Lakeshore Scented Dough and this activity is one the kids will want to do all the time!

Make learning numbers fun with these play dough mats!

The dough mats are super colorful and inviting. My kids can’t wait to use them again!

We are so excited to have a few more quality toys and activities that will make learning numbers fun and engaging this school year!

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