Editable Race Car Sight Word Game Printable

This editable race car sight word game is a fun and exciting game that children can play while learning sight words or spelling words. Just type the words in and the game will auto-fill for you.

This editable race car sight word game will make learning sight words or spelling words a blast!

So if you are looking for a great activity to add to your literacy centers or small group time, give this one a try.

Race Car Sight Word Game

We’ve recently been playing lots of sight word games. I love editable games because it makes it easy to change up the words whenever you need to. And you don’t just have to use sight words. You can use spelling words, words in foreign languages and more!

The kids will have a blast while racing and reading sight words. Plus, there is a recording sheet that gives them a chance to also write the words as they land on them.

It’s makes learning sight words much more fun and exciting than just using flash cards or worksheets.

This editable sight word game is perfect for your literacy center.

Setting Up the Sight Word Game

Supplies Needed:

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Race and Read Sight Word Printables – link to get the printable at the bottom of this post

Transparent spinner

Car/Transportation mini erasers or mini cars

Set up:

  1. Type the 12 words you want to use into the spaces on the 4th page of the PDF.
  2. Print the game board, spinner and recording sheets.
  3. Gather you car manipulatives.

How to Play the Race and Read Sight Word Game

Want to make learning sight words fun and exciting? This sight word game is sure to be a hit with the kids.

Children will place the cars in front of the first word on the game board. They will spin the spinner and move that many spaces on the board.

Teaching sight words doesn't have to be boring. This editable sight word game will make it fun and engaging!

Then they will read the word they landed on out loud and write it on their recording sheet.

The next player repeats the steps above.

Race and read editable sight word game.

This continues until the first player crosses over the finish line. *My son likes to play with the rule that the last spin has to land you directly on the last word. So if you are one space away from the last word, you have to spin a 1 to win. Two spaces away and you need to spin a 2 and so on.

A fun sight word board game that kids will love.

There is enough space on the recording sheet for players to play more than one round of the game. This works out perfectly since the game moves pretty quickly.

I would recommend only playing it in pairs because there isn’t a ton of room on the game board for more than two cars. If you use mini erasers, this is less of an issue.

I hope your kids have a blast playing this race and read sight word game!

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This editable sight word game is a hands-on way for kids to learn sight words!