Star Wars The Force Awakens Party Ideas

This year, my son would like a Star Wars: The Force Awakens birthday party. This is a list of the best, simple Star Wars party ideas I could find!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens birthday party ideas for kids. Games, food, decorations and more!

My son has been very excited to plan a cool Star Wars party. He has been going over every detail with me. It is very cute! He even requested that I look on Pinterest for ideas and pin the best ones so we can easily remember them. True story. So he and I got on Pinterest and went through loads of pins – pinning all the ones he liked best.

Once we had all these pins saved, I started thinking that this would make an awesome post and resource for those of you with kids who are super into Star Wars right now and want a Star Wars birthday party too!

The best part is that most of these are very doable for busy moms. At this point, I don’t have TONS of time to spend crafting and cooking, so I needed to find party ideas that would be simple enough for me to pull off. Now, I’ll warn you. There are one or two that are a bit over the top, but they are so awesome that I just had to include them.

Here is my list of the best, simple Star Wars Party ideas.

Star Wars printables and Star Wars vehicles

These Amazing and Free Star Wars the Force Awakens Printables from Strawberry Mommycakes are fantastic! They are super professional and she has everything covered from food signs, photo props and even pretend movie tickets!

These DIY Cardboard Star Wars Vehicles from All for the Boys are a little over the top, but they are SO cool! I just had to include them. I may see if my husband can pull them off for the party. I know the kids would love them.

Star Wars party food and Star Wars party games

I love this post on Simple Star Wars Party Food and More from The Purple Patch! They are so many great ideas for Star Wars party food! Plus, there are tons of ideas for entertainment, attire and decor.

These Star Wars Party Games from Lemon Squeezy Home are awesome! We will definitely be playing a few of these at my son’s party!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens birthday party ideas

I really like this Star Wars Photo Backdrop from Atta Girl Says. It looks easy enough for me to pull off.

These Lightsaber Popsicle Holders from Create Craft Love are so cute! I think they would be a perfect addition to our party!

If your child doesn’t like cake, this BB-8 Cookie Cake from Eclectic Momsense is perfect for you! It would also be great in addition to cake. It’s easy enough for me to make, so it is very likely to make an appearance at our party!

I love this DIY Lightsaber Craft from Laura’s Little Party because the lightsabers make noise when they hit each other. How cool is that?!

Star Wars games and party ideas

These Lightsaber Pretzels from Two Sisters Crafting are so simple to make. They would be a great party snack!

These Lightsaber Party Games from Sunshine and Hurricanes are so fun!

I love the Jedi Training Certificate and Party Games from Mimi’s Dollhouse! These games are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages and who wouldn’t want a Jedi Training Certificate after completing them?!

Star Wars games

If you want to make the famous Pool Noodle Lightsabers, this tutorial from Kids Activities Blog is what you need! Their lightsabers even glow!

These Star Wars Nerf Games from Frugal Fun for Boys are awesome! My son wants to do every one!

I hope this is a great resource for you in your Star Wars party planning. I can’t wait for my son’s birthday now!

The best Stars Wars: The Force Awakens party ideas! Simple and doable Star Wars party ideas.