Sun Roll and Color Numbers and Counting Printable

If you are looking for summer math activities, this sun roll and color activity is perfect for you! It is a fun way for kids to learn numbers and counting.

Sun roll and color math and counting activity for summer fun and learning.

Sun Roll and Color Math Game

Plus, it is super easy to prep and kids can do it independently, so it would be a great addition to your summer math centers or just for fun at home.

My kids really enjoy roll and color games, so I thought it was about time to add a new one to the site.

Plus, I made cards that you can use in place of dice, if you prefer that.

A fun sun theme math activity for summer. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten.

Differentiated Math

This sun roll and color activity comes with three pages – a page with numbers 1-6, a page with numbers 1-20 and one with blank suns.

On the page with numbers 1-20, you can use a 20 sided dice or the ten-frame cards that I made.

The one with blank suns is there so that children can roll and then color that many and repeat until all of them have been colored. This means that if they roll a 3, they will color 3 suns. Then they roll a 5 and color 5 more suns. This continues until all of the suns are colored in.

Another fun way to use the blank sheet is to make it a game. The first person to color in all of the suns wins.

Or you can play the way my son wanted to and each person colors with a specific color and the person with the most suns colored at the end, wins!

You can also use the blank page to write your own numbers in. Then just make as many copies as you need. Make a dice with those specific numbers by writing on a foam cube with permanent marker. Or slide the number cards I made into a dice with pockets.

A fun summer counting activity for preschool and kindergarten math centers.

Change Up this Summer Math Activity

You have kids that don’t like to color?

No problem! Try slipping the pages into write and wipe pockets and letting them use dry-erase markers to color. Or skip the coloring and just let them cover the number with a manipulative – like buttons, pom poms or snap cubes.

As you can tell, there are so many ways to use this simple sun roll and color activity and differentiate it for the kids you are teaching!

Summer counting activity for math centers or just for fun at home. This sun theme math activity is perfect for kindergarten and preschool.

Setting Up the Sun Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  • Printable Roll and Color Pages and Cards (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Scissors – to cut out the cards
  • Crayons
  • 20 sided dice (optional)

This activity requires very little prep. Just print the pages and cut out the cards, if needed.

I hope this saves you lots of time!

Doing the Sun Roll and Color Activity

To start, kids will roll the dice. They will look at it and determine which number they need to locate on the coloring sheet.

Then they will find the number on the sheet and color it in (or cover it up).

Summer counting activity for kindergarten and preschool. Make learning numbers fun!

This continues until all of the suns are colored.

Because of the simple and easy to follow steps, many kids will be able to do this independently.

This makes it perfect for centers, morning work or any other independent work time.

I hope the kids enjoy it!

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