Superhero Small World

My son loves small world play so I made this neat superhero small world for him. He had a great time playing with it and it was a perfect addition to his pretend play!

Superhero small world play. Fun superhero play idea!

Evan has recently become very interested in superheroes. He received lots of different superhero figures for his last birthday and spends a lot of time playing with them. He pretends that they are fighting the bad guys and saving the day.

I thought it would be really neat for him if I made a superhero small world for his toys to play in. I knew it would make his play time even more fun and exciting.

Supplies Needed:

  • Small boxes of various sizes and shapes. I used leftover boxes from different snacks we buy.
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • White crayon
  • Car play mat or play roads

How to Make the Superhero Small World

1. Tape black construction paper to the boxes so that they are completely covered.

2. Draw windows on the buildings with white crayon.

3. Add the boxes to a car play mat or place them on the ground and put toy or paper roads around them.

4. Gather a bunch of your small superhero toys and add them to the play scene.

5. Invite your child to play!

Small World Play

Evan thoroughly enjoyed this small world. The “buildings” were a huge hit. He loved putting spider man on top of the buildings and spent lots of time crashing into and knocking down the buildings while playing.

Superheroes play idea. A fun small world for superhero lovers!

Spiderman small word play

The play mat with roads on it was a great addition because he was able to drive his Batman motorcycle and Joker car all over the city roads.

A superhero activity for kids!

I kept the boxes and plan to set up this small world again and again. It really made playing with superheros so much more fun!

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