Tracing Letters with Seeds

My son really enjoyed tracing letters with seeds. This hands-on alphabet activity is a great way for preschoolers to learn letters and develop fine motor control.

My son had a great time tracing letters with seeds! It is a fun, hands-on alphabet activity that teaches letters and helps to develop fine motor control.

My son has been very interested in seeds this spring. We have started growing our own vegetable plants and he is fascinated by watching them grow. So I knew an activity with seeds would be well-received.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much fine motor practice he got while doing this. He was quite a fine motor challenge for him to handle and line up the seeds, but certainly wasn’t frustrating either.

How to Set Up the Seed Fine Motor Alphabet Activity

Supplies Needed:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Construction paper
  • Black crayon
  1. Write letters on medium/large pieces of construction paper.
  2. Pour sunflower seeds out on the work surface.

Tracing Letters with Seeds

I laid several different letters out on the table with the sunflowers seeds and then I showed my son how we could use the sunflower seeds to trace the lines of each letter. He was happy to join in and start tracing the letters.


It took quite a bit of fine motor control to pick up and place the seeds on the lines. It took a level of precision that he doesn’t often utilize, so I was really glad he was ready and willing to participate.


As he traced the lines we talked about the letter he was tracing, the sound it makes and some of the other words that start with that letter. We also paid close attention to the lines needed to make that letter. I know this is very helpful when it comes to his ability to write letters.


I really like how simple this activity was to set up and that it played to one of his current interests. I think we will do it again this week with sight words!


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