10 Ways to Play with Kinetic Sand

Evan needs more fine motor practice and he gets so much while playing with the Kinetic Sand. It is a great sensory activity for kids and is lots of fun too!

Have you seen the commercials for Kinetic Sand? Or maybe you’ve come across it in the store? I was very interested in it, but it seemed pretty pricey for “sand.” However, I had a Michaels coupon for 40% off my whole purchase and the Kinetic Sand was just sitting there at the front of the store begging me to buy it. And so I did. It was SO worth the $9.00 I ended up paying and even more!  Evan loves it!

10 Ways to Play with Kinetic Sand. Lots of fine motor practice!


Let me start by saying, Evan is not the type of child who sits and plays with something for an extended period of the time. He is very active and always on the move. But then came Kinetic Sand. He literally sat at the table for 2 hours one day playing with it. The only time he left the chair was to get more toys to use while playing with it. I was shocked! I didn’t think it was possible. 🙂

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I love it for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that Evan needs more fine motor practice and he gets so much while playing with the Kinetic Sand. He doesn’t like to do the typical fine motor learning activities, but obviously enjoyed this very much.

Another reason I love it is because it is just plain fun. You may be thinking that it sounds just like Play-Doh and it is similar, but also much different. It is squishy and moldable and it moves all on its own, but also feels like sand.  It’s fun for adults too. Also, it doesn’t dry out. You can leave it out and it works just the same. I highly recommend making the investment in a bag or two!

I bought a craft tray at Michaels for around $6.00 and we keep the sand and tools on that. It keeps the sand contained and makes it easy to clean up. Below are 10 ways that Evan plays with the sand.

1. Dinosaurs – He uses small toy dinos to stomp around in the sand and make foot prints and tracks. He buries them and goes digging for dino “fossils.”

Dinosaurs in kinetic sand

Dino tracks in kinetic sand

2. Small utensils from play kitchen set – He uses the knife to cut through the sand. He uses the fork and spoon to dig.

Cutting Kinetic Sand with knife

3. Small rolling pin and dough cutter from play kitchen set – He rolls out the sand. He uses the cutter to cut the sand and to make track marks on it. You could also use a set of Play-Doh tools.

Use rolling pin on kinetic sand

4. Small tea cups from play set and scoop from water table – He packs the sand in the cups and then flips them over to make structures that he calls castles.

5. Play-Doh scissors – He cuts the sand with these.

6. Cookie cutters – He cuts out different shapes with these.

Cookie cutters on kinetic sand

7. Ice cream scoop – He uses this to scoop sand up and to make sand balls.

Ice cream scoop kinetic sand

8. Mega Bloks – He packs sand into the blocks and makes castles.

9. Make a cake with kinetic sand and add candles.

Make cake with kinetic sand

10. Play-Doh stampers – We have a set of number stampers that he uses to stamp into the sand. I am planning to purchase a set of alphabet stampers soon.

As you can see, he is getting SO much fine motor practice while playing with the Kinetic Sand. I am thrilled that he is learning so much and having lots of fun at the same time. I hope your children enjoy it as much as Evan does!

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