5 Christmas Sticker Preschool Math Activities

These preschool math activities are simple and easy to accomplish with one Christmas sticker book! They require little prep and make great busy activities for kids.

5 Christmas Sticker Math Activities for Preschoolers. These activities integrate fine motor practice and math!

As I have mentioned before, Evan has really been loving stickers lately. I am glad he loves them so much because they are great for fine motor practice and he needs more practice in that area.I was so happy when I found Christmas Sticker books in the $1 Spot at Target. I knew I could plan some fun learning activities with them!

Materials Needed:

Christmas Stickers



Activity 1:

Place stickers all over a sheet of paper. Make sure you have doubles of all the stickers you put on it. Give your child the stickers and have them find the matches for the stickers on the paper. They will place the matching stickers on top of the stickers on the paper you set up.

Christmas Sticker Matching

Activity 2:

Write numbers along the left side of a piece of paper and then have your child put that many stickers to the right of the number. This activity work on counting and number identification.

Sticker counting activity

Activity 3:

Make patterns on a piece of paper with the stickers. Have your child repeat the pattern. You could also have them fill in missing spaces of a pattern.

Patterning with stickers

Activity 4:

Fold a sheet of paper in half and label one side “Big” and one side “Small.” Have your child sort the stickers according to their size. They will peel off and stick the sticker to the appropriate side of the paper.

Big and small with stickers

Activity 5:

Draw a Christmas tree on a sheet of paper. Make a key at the bottom of the paper by assigning a certain type of sticker to a specific number. Then write those numbers all over the tree. Your child will follow the key as a guide for where to place the stickers.

Christmas tree number matching

Can you think of any other ways to work on preschool math skills with Christmas stickers? Leave your ideas in the comments!