Beginning Sounds Movement Game

This beginning sound movement game is an exciting gross motor activity that helps children learn to identify beginning letter sounds. My kids had a blast with this game!

Beginning sounds movement game. A gross motor literacy activity that will have kids moving and learning!

My kids love to move! Especially my son. He is on the go all the time. So we do lots of move and learn activities. These are always favorites with him.

This one is super simple. You don’t need any supplies at all! I almost feel like it is too simple to share. My kids absolutely love it though, so I figured it was worth sharing with you all.

Beginning sounds movement activity. Teach letter sounds with a gross motor activity!

All you need is some open space so the kids can move around a lot. The more room they have to run, jump and act silly, the better!

Playing the Beginning Sound Movement Game

All I do is call out “Act like an animal that starts with the letter…” Each time I name a different letter. My son usually has to think for a bit and then he thinks of an animal that starts with that letter. We say the beginning sound out loud and then the kids begin acting like that animal.

Teach letter sounds with a fun movement game!

Move and learn to identify beginning sounds of words!

My toddler can’t identify beginning sounds or letters, but she adores doing this activity with her older brother. She watches him and copies how to pretend to be that animal. She may not understand the literacy portion, but I feel like it is a great way to introduce her to letters and sounds through play. It’s also a great way for her and my son to develop gross motor skills like running, crawling, jumping and more.

Indoor movement activities for kids. Gross motor activities and games.

A fun movement game for learning beginning sounds.

I like to do this activity when the weather isn’t cooperating or we can’t get outside to play for some other reason. It is a great way for the kids to burn off some excess energy and get some exercise. My kids always nap better after we play it, so that’s a bonus!

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