Building Toys that Kids Love

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If you are looking for building toys that kids love then you have come to the right place. These new building toys are fun, engaging and educational.

The best new building toys for young kids.

My kids are really interested in toys that allow them to create, build and explore concepts, so building toys are usually a big hit with them.

These toys from Lakeshore were perfect for them. They enjoyed them very much and are still pulling them out to play again and again.

Building Toys for Kids

Exploring Magnets

My kids’ absolute favorite new building toy is this Magnetic Creation Station. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how much they would like it. I thought that maybe they would get bored of it after a bit. I was totally wrong!

Teach STEM with these fun toys for young kids!

They have played with it every single day since we got it and they play with it for long periods of time too. It is now a permanent fixture on our coffee table because they use it so frequently.

I’ve even thought about buying a second one because they both want to use it at the same time quite often.

Hands-on STEM lessons with fun toys!

I really like all the learning that takes place when my kids are playing with it.  Not only are they exploring a scientific concept (magnetism), but they are also learning about engineering. There is lots of trial and error involved. Kids are forced to problem solve and think creatively to make designs.

This is definitely a must-have!

Making Robots

Kids love building robots and Snap-Bots make it fun and easy to do so! These are perfect for preschoolers and early elementary students.

Learn STEM concepts with fun toys!

My kids have been creating all different kinds of cool robots and then using them for pretend play.

Not only can children create one of a kind robots in a snap, they will develop fine motor skills too! Your kids are sure to enjoy tons of engineering and imaginative play with these neat building toys!

The best new STEM toys for kids.

Creating Action Figures

These Design & Play Poseable Action Figures are super cool! Kids can make their own movable play figures that are ready for action! Seriously. They actually have joints that move and they are quite durable too.

Designing action figures. A fun STEAM activity for kids.

My kids had a blast designing their own action figures. They were able to pick the colors they wanted and the designs they liked best to create their very own action figure. They are so proud of how they turned out.

I will say, this is definitely a family craft. Parents will need to be involved. Even my almost 7 year old needed help rolling clay, cutting pieces out and putting in the ball and socket connectors.

STEAM toy for kids.

That is not a negative in my book though. It was a great family activity to do with each other and we all enjoyed it.

Building toys that kids love.

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STEM activities for kids. STEM lesson that kids will get excited about!

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