Christmas Skittles Experiment

This Christmas Skittles science activity is super easy to do and incredibly fun! This holiday themed version of the Skittles rainbow experiment is sure to be a hit with your kids!

Christmas Skittles Pin

Skittles Christmas Experiment

If you are looking for a simple science experiment that your kids can do with ease, then this Christmas Skittles activity is going to be perfect for you! You only need 3 simple supplies for this easy activity!

*Note: This should be done with adult supervision at all times.

Our kids chose to do the experiment over and over again with different Skittles patterns. They started off by alternating colors. Kids can then try to have large sections of red and green like pie slices. Or even half and half! There are so many fun combinations. It’s easy to wash the plate off and create a new pattern to experiment with!

Setting Up the Skittles Science Activity

Supplies Needed:

  • Plate
  • Warm water
  • Skittles (Try different colors and patterns!)


  1. Grab your plate and organize the Skittles in a circle around the edge of the plate. Kids can try different patterns or colors each time they do the experiment!
  1. Gently pour water in the center of the plate. Warm water does a better job dissolving the color and will have the colors racing to the middle quicker. Make sure there is enough water to go past the Skittles while filling the plate.
  1. Wait and watch the red and green colors move towards the center of the plate with beautiful streaks. It normally takes a few minutes for the colors to reach the middle of the plate.
  2. That’s it. It’s quick and easy!

Tips for this Science Experiment

  • Try different temps for the water so that your kids can see the differences in how fast the candy dissolves. Prompt them to ask questions about what outcomes they expect at different temps and why.
  • If you are not having luck when you pour the water in the center, try pouring from one side into the skittles. Sometimes that works better.
  • Separate the candy colors before you start, so you waste less time trying to grab green and red pieces when you are ready to do the experiment.
  • If you want to try multiple variations you might want to have a couple of plates ready. It’s faster to pull out a new plate than to wash and completely dry the current plate. Plus, you can start setting up the second plate while the colors are still moving on the first.
  • Make sure the water is not too hot!

Video Instructions

The Science Behind this Christmas Skittles Science Experiment:

Skittles are coated with sugar and food coloring. When you add warm water to the Skittles, you will see the sugar and food coloring start to dissolve. They have similar amounts coated on them so the candy will dissolve at similar speeds and stay in their lanes.

The sugar is moving to areas of water with lower sugar concentration. If the water is poured in the center, this is happening for each Skittle at relatively the same speed!

I hope your kids have a great time with this fun Christmas Skittles experiment!

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