Christmas Tree Number Matching Game

We had a lot of fun with this Christmas tree number matching game. It was so easy to set up too! It’s a great Christmas number activity for preschoolers!

Christmas tree numbers activity for preschoolers. A fun way to learn numbers this holiday season!

As many of you know, we love to do roll and cover activities and letter/number matching activities. Well, this one is a combination of both. My son enjoyed it, of course. He was super happy about the fact that it was a Christmas tree. He knows that means Christmas is coming!

Supplies Needed:

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Setting Up the Christmas Tree Game

  1. Draw a Christmas tree on the poster board and cut it out.
  2. Write the numbers 1-6 all over the tree. Or use a pair of dice and write the numbers 7-12 on the tree. This is a great way to practice addition! I flipped our tree over and wrote 7-12 on the opposite side. Now we can practice all of the numbers 1-12!

*For added fine motor practice you can include tweezers (we love our Christmas math activity. A fun way to practice number identification and subitizing.

After he identified the number facing up on the die, he looked for its match on the tree. When he found an instance of that number on the tree, he covered it with a pom pom. This continued until all of the numbers were covered.

Learning numbers with a Christmas tree activity

My son really enjoyed this activity and my two-year old had a great time by simply placing the pom poms on the tree!

Christmas tree number activity

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