Christmas Wreath Alphabet Activity

This Christmas wreath alphabet activity is a fun and simple way to practice letter recognition and letter sounds. It’s also a great Christmas craft!

Christmas wreath activity that teaches letter recognition and letter sounds. A great fine motor activity as well! A pretty Christmas craft for preschoolers!

If you’re familiar with my blog, you know we like to do letter matching activities and alphabet roll and cover activities. This time I thought we would make a Christmas wreath. I also decided that I would like to be able to hang it up and use as a decoration, so I chose to make it a roll and cover activity.

This way all you see at the end of the activity is a pretty and colorful Christmas wreath! You could even skip the whole alphabet part and just decorate the wreath with dot stickers. That’s what my two-year old did!

Supplies Needed:

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  • Green poster board
  • Two circular objects (one large and one smaller) to trace for a wreath pattern
  • Dot stickers in various colors
  • Foam cube or wood cube (you can get a pack of foam cubes at the dollar store)
  • Black marker

Making a Christmas Wreath Craft

  1. I traced a medium-large sized bowl onto the green poster board. Then I placed the smaller bowl in the center of that circle and traced it.
  2. I then cut around the edges of the two circles so it looked more bushy like a typical wreath. You could skip this and just leave the edges smooth. Whatever your personal preference is.
  3. I chose 6 different letters and wrote them all around the wreath.
  4. I wrote those same 6 letters on a small foam cube to use as a game die (dice).

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Christmas Wreath Alphabet Activity

Preschool Christmas craft.

My son rolled the game die and then identified which letter was facing up. On occasion, I also asked him what sound the letter made. Then he removed a dot sticker from the backing and placed it over one instance of that letter on the wreath.

Christmas wreath letter learning activity.

This continued until all of the letters were covered with dot stickers. By the end he was cracking up because he kept rolling the same two letters. We were doing all sorts of funny moves to try to get the die to land on one of the letters he still needed to cover with a dot sticker.

Christmas wreath craft activity for fine motor skills development.

Overall, it was a fun way to practice letter identification and letter sounds, develop fine motor skills and make a pretty Christmas wreath!

Christmas wreath alphabet and fine motor skills activity.


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