Color Surprise Fizzy Eggs Science Activity

These color surprise fizzy eggs are so much fun. Hide colors inside and watch as kids are surprised by the beautiful colors that erupt! It never gets old!

Color Surprise Fizzy Eggs Science Activity. These egg eruptions lead to excellent fine motor practice!

Evan is a fan of fizzy reactions, so I thought I would put an Easter spin on baking soda and vinegar reactions. Since our surprise Christmas color eruptions were a huge hit with him, I wanted to find hide colors in these eggs too.

I decided it would be neat to try those color tablets that come with Easter egg dying kits. Just in case those didn’t work well, I added gel food coloring to some of the eggs as well.

Baking soda eggs, vinegar and a dropper

Materials Needed to Make Surprise Color Fizzy Eggs

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Baking Soda


Easter eggs dying tablets or gel food coloring (affiliate)


Dropper – The one we use is included in this fine motor tool set (affiliate). We LOVE the whole set!

Preparation Needed to Make Fizzy Eggs

1. Mix baking soda and water together until you have a paste-like consistency that you can mold. I did 2 cups baking soda and about 2/3 cup of water. I would add 1/3 cup and then add the remaining 1/3 in small increments until you get the desired consistency.

2. Form the baking soda into an egg-like shape. Lay the egg down on your work surface and push in with your finger lightly until you have a small indent in the baking soda egg. If your eggs crumble very easily you may want to add some additional water and try again.

3. After you have the small indent in the egg, add the color tablet or about 3 drops of gel food coloring to it. Then take a little bit of the remaining baking soda paste and place it over the indent so that your egg looks whole again.

4. Repeat the above steps for each egg you would like to make. 2 cups of baking soda gave me about 6 eggs.

5. Put the plate or dish full of eggs in the freezer or refrigerator to harden up. I froze mine, but I don’t think it is totally necessary. It does make the egg last a lot longer before disintegrating, but it was actually almost too long and used up a lot of vinegar. So if you chose to freeze yours, you may want to half the recipe and only make 3 eggs.

How to Make Color Surprise Egg Eruptions

Easter egg color eruption

Put the egg in a dish and place a bowl of vinegar and the dropper next to it. Invite your child to use the dropper to squirt the vinegar on the baking soda egg. Eventually, color will begin to erupt from the egg.

Squirt vinegar on baking soda egg and watch as surprise color appears!

The color tabs had a very faint tint and they never fully dissolved. The gel food coloring was much more vibrant. In the future, we will stick with that.

Vibrant gel food coloring eruptions

Evan loved trying to guess which color he thought was going to erupt out. He was really excited when the colors appeared!

Color mixing with fizzy eggs

Eventually he decided to add the eggs to the colorful vinegar and baking soda in the dish and watched the colors mix together. When he added the yellow egg to the blue liquid, it made green. Then he added the red egg. It was so colorful and pretty! And then it started to turn brown and not so pretty.

All the vibrant colors mixed together while fizzing

Overall, this was a huge success and Evan got TONS of fine motor practice!

Here is a video of what it looks like when the color erupts from the egg!

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