Creating with Sticks and Play Dough

The other day my son spent a large amount of time creating with sticks and play dough. He created all kinds of creatures and made up stories about their adventures. It was amazing to see such creativity when only given a few simple supplies! Kids are experts at that, aren’t they?

Invite kids to create with sticks and play dough!

This week the PLAYful Preschool theme is sticks. The team has planned lots of fun activities that incorporate sticks. Check them all out below!

While creating, Evan not only exercised his creative muscles, but also his small hand muscles. These are important because they help kids learn to write and assist them in doing a variety of other life skills. Manipulating the play dough and other small parts was a great way for Evan to develop these fine motor skills!

Supplies Needed:

  • Play dough
  • Small twigs
  • Googly eyes

I brought Evan outside to help me collect the sticks we were going to use. He even helped remove leaves from some of them. That was also great fine motor practice.

Invitation to Create with Sticks and Play Dough

Put all of the supplies out on the table and invite your child to create anything they would like.

Gather twigs and use them to play with play dough.

Evan jumped right in and started making funny little characters. Soon they were going on all kinds of adventures in the woods. They got spells cast on them, turned into monsters and then eventually back into themselves when the spell wore off. They even had fun jumping in muddy puddles!

Make creatures with sticks, play dough and googly eyes!

He really couldn’t get enough of this activity and would have played even longer than he did, but it was nap time. This is an excellent quiet time activity for preschoolers and a great way to set them up for lots of independent play!

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