Editable Rain Cloud Feed Me Sight Words Activity Printables

This rain cloud feed me sight words activity is editable and so much fun! It is perfect for your spring literacy centers or sight word stations.

This rain cloud feed me sight words activity is editable and perfect for spring literacy centers!

Rain Cloud Feed Me Sight Words

I’ve always had great success with activities where my kids get to feed something. Like that time we did this feed the bear alphabet activity and this super cute feed the crayon box activity. It seems my kids enjoy learning any skill when they get to pretend to feed something.

This particular theme is perfect for the spring season. Whether you are doing a weather theme or a rain theme, this feed me raindrops activity is sure to be a hit.

The best part is that it is editable so you can easily differentiate for all of the kids you teach. It’s as simple as typing the words on to the getting started page one time and then the activity cards will auto populate with all of the words.

Plus, there are two versions so that you can increase the difficulty for students who have moved beyond just matching the words.

A fun sight word game for a weather theme or rain theme.

Learning Sight Words

For this feed me activity, students will feed raindrops to the rain cloud. My kids loved this!

There are word cards that show “Feed me the word” and then the word is shown below.

There will be raindrop cards laid out on the table. Each raindrop card has a corresponding word written on it.

Students will pull a sight word card from the pile. Then they will look for a raindrop card that has the same word written on it.

For example, if a students pulls a sight word card that says “Feed me the word and,” students will look at the raindrop cards and find the one that has the same word written on it. They will read the word out loud and then feed the raindrop card to the rain cloud.

This continues until they run out of sight word cards.

You may also choose to use the recording sheet and students will write each word after they feed it to the rain cloud.

This feed me raindrops secret code sight word activity is editable and so much fun!

Secret Code Sight Words Activity

There is a second version of the rain cloud feed me sight words activity. This one shows a secret code sight word on the raindrop card. Students will read the sight word card and try to find the corresponding raindrop card. Then they will feed that secret code raindrop card to the rain cloud.

How to Play the Feed Me Sight Words Game

This game can be played independently or in pairs. It would be perfect for literacy centers, morning tubs or even at home with your kids.

Supplies Needed:

  • The Rain Cloud Feed Me Sight Words Printable (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • A cube shaped tissue box
  • Scissors

You will probably want to laminate the word cards, raindrop cards and rain cloud for durability.

One thing you can do to cut down on space is to just use one or two different tissue boxes and just change out the object or animal that is being fed.

This is where laminating helps. I just roll up some scotch tape and use it to adhere the face to the tissue box. When the face is laminated it is fairly easy to peel off the tissue box so it can be reused.

I have found that after a while the tissue box begins to deteriorate from peeling the tape off over and over. I am thinking about using sticky back velcro to attach them to the box and make it easier to swap them out.

Weather theme or rain theme sight word activity for kindergarten, first grade or second grade.

Once you have the tissue box set up and the cards cut out and laminated, it is ready to be used. Your students are sure to have a blast feeding the rain cloud while learning to read and write sight words!

Stay tuned for more versions that will help you teach lots of different skills.

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