Fairy Pancakes

These fairy pancakes are a fun breakfast treat for kids! My kids loved them and have requested that we have them again. They are simple and easy to make too!

Fairy Pancakes

If you have a Tinkerbell or fairy fan in your life, these pancakes are sure to be a hit with them! My kids were so excited when I told them they were fairy pancakes. They couldn’t get enough of them.

What You Need to Make Fairy Pancakes

Pancake batter

Sprinkles – the tiny ball sprinkles to be exact

Squeeze bottle

How to Make Fairy Pancakes

The first thing you need to do is add the pancake batter to the squeeze bottle so you have more control over how much pancake batter is added to the pan. I experimented with lots of different ways to make these. I wanted the sprinkles to really show up and not just get lost in the batter. After trying a few different techniques, I found this to be the best way to make them.

1. Heat the pan up and lightly grease it.

2. Shake the sprinkles all over the pan and immediately start squeezing tiny blobs of pancake batter over top of them. The pancakes should be about the size of a nickel.

3. Since the pancakes are so small they cook very fast, so you probably only want to do about 6-8 pancakes before you come back around to flip them over.

4. When you flip them, try to flip them over to an area that has sprinkles on it.  That way the other side can get some sprinkles on it too.

5. Keep repeating the steps above.

Fairy Pancakes

The sprinkles will melt and start to cook/burn, so you should scrape them out of the pan after every batch or two of pancakes. You do waste a bunch of sprinkles doing it this way, but I still ended up using only a small fraction of my sprinkles.

Fairy Pancakes

I am so happy with the way these turned out! The kids loved them and I have to admit that my husband and I enjoyed them too!