Fill the Ball: Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments

These kid-made Christmas ornaments are easy enough for toddlers to make, but lots of fun for all ages! Set up an ornament making station and have some fun!

Christmas ornaments that toddlers and preschoolers can make on their own. Toddler Christmas craft.

I wanted to create a simple Christmas ornament that both of my kids could make on their own and enjoy doing so. This craft is so simple to set up and totally open-ended. No two ornaments will be the same and children can be as creative as they want to. It is an excellent kid-made gift for family and friends!

Supplies Needed:

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*If you are doing this in a classroom or with several children, I would suggest buying smaller ornaments. It will take quite a bit of filler to make them attractive, so a smaller ornament would be perfect! I actually wish I would have used smaller ornaments myself.

Setting Up the Ornament Making Station

  1. Put each type of filler in a small bowl or container and set them out on the table along with the empty ornaments.

Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments

I showed my kids the table and all the supplies and let them go to town! They knew exactly what to do and were happy to get started. I let them both have full creative control over their ornaments.

Preschool Christmas ornament making station.

My toddler (28 months) was so into this activity. She was very focused on adding each item into the hole on the top of the ornament. She surprised me with how particular she was in choosing what items to add to the ornament.

Toddler Christmas ornaments

This was also excellent fine motor practice for her. She exercised the small muscles in her hand while picking up the tiny sequins and table scatter and dropping them in the ornament.

Preschool Christmas ornament

My son loved the opportunity to freely create and add whatever items he wanted in whatever quantity he wanted. He was super excited to create something all on his own that he could give to family this Christmas.

Kid-Made Christmas ornament for toddlers and preschoolers to make.

We are all really happy with how well these turned out. I know our family will love them!

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