30+ Super Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Looking for fun activities for kids? These fun indoor activities are sure to keep the kiddos engaged, learning and having fun at home.

Fun activities for kids to do at home.

Indoor Activities for Kids

If you are looking for fun indoor activities to do with your kids, then you are going to love this list!

There are so many simple and easy ways to have fun and entertain the kids when you are stuck at home for whatever reason.

Most of these activities are things you can do indoors, but a few will be things you can do out in your driveway or backyard.

What Are the Best Activities for Kids to do Indoors?

There are so many ways for kids to be engaged in fun and even some learning while indoors.

The activities I am sharing here are some of the best indoor activities for kids.

Some of them are classics and many of them are unique and exciting ways to keep the kids busy while indoors.

There are quite a few activities that are simple to prep and tons of them use supplies you probably already have around the house.

So many fun activities for kids to do indoors.

Favorite Ways to Keep Kids Busy While Indoors


Play this Paper Airplane Target Game.

Make Folded Paper Bracelets.

Create art with this Soap Foam Sidewalk Paint.

Set up an indoor scavenger hunt.

Indoor Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Create a dragon from a paper towel or toilet paper roll.

Skip the mess and paint in a bag.

Make a pom pom wall.

Use LEGO letter mats to learn the alphabet.

Make a funny face flip book.

Play Skee Ball with laundry baskets.

Make super cool bubble wands.

Create colorful window art.

Have a pom pom race!

Play balloon toss with fly swatters.

Make a ring toss game with paper plates.

The kids will have a blast with this Nerf target game.

Ways for Kids to Have Fun Inside

Have a blast with this ball launch activity!

Make frozen paint sticks and do some painting.

Make a giant puzzle with blocks.

Create a LEGO zip line.

Set up a bubble wand making station and then go outside and blow bubbles.

Create a paper plate marble maze.

Use LEGO bricks to create art!

Make this 2 ingredient play dough.

We hope you find lots of fun ideas to do with your kids! These are sure to keep them entertained and engaged!

Printable Activities for Kids to Do While Indoors

Keep your kids entertained with these fun activity ideas for kids.