Hop on Pop Rhyming Activity

This Hop on Pop Rhyming Activity is a fun way to move and learn! Kids will have a blast hopping and popping while developing early literacy skills.

Hop on Pop book activity that teaches rhyming.

A while back I bought a roll of bubble wrap hoping I could think of activities to do with it. I was planning on using it as a fun way to strengthen Evan’s fingers and develop fine motor skills. However, he was very frustrated by that because it was still quite difficult for him to pop the bubbles with his fingers.

The other day I was reading Hop on Pop and I thought it would be fun to actually hop and pop things. Enter the bubble wrap. Evan may not like popping it with his fingers, but he definitely enjoys jumping on it!

This move and learn rhyming activity is an exciting way to practice rhyming and develop vocabulary with young children.

Supplies Needed:

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1. My roll of bubble wrap was perforated every 12 inches so I just pulled the pieces apart. If yours isn’t perforated you could just do a long roll of bubble wrap.

2. Tape the bubble wrap down to the floor with painter’s tape so that it doesn’t slide around.

Hop on Pop Rhyming Activity

I instructed Evan to jump from bubble wrap square to bubble wrap square. Then I told him I was going to call out a word and he was going to hop across the bubble wrap and say a rhyming word when he landed on each square. The best way to help your child understand what to do is to model it. So I said the word ball and then I hopped from square to square. As a landed on each square I said “fall,””call,””tall,””mall,””wall.” He was very quick to pick up on what I wanted him to do.

Hop on Pop Rhyming activity for preschoolers

Evan still needed guidance throughout the activity. Often I would say a word like “cat” and we would brainstorm rhyming words together. Then he would hop on the bubble wrap while saying the words we discussed and others he thought of in the moment.

Extension activity for Hop on Pop that teaches early literacy skills.

On occasion, he would call out a random word that didn’t rhyme while hopping. I just reminded him that we were thinking of words that ended with -at or whatever ending we were working on.
He had so much fun with this! And boy was it a work out too. It was also very effective. He went around saying rhyming words all evening afterward.

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