I Have Who Has Card Game

This I have, Who has card game is a fun way for kids to learn and practice various skills like letter identification, sight words, shapes, colors and more!

I have, Who has? card game for young kids to teach sight words, alphabet letters, shapes and more!

My kids LOVE games! Card games, board games, you name it – they pretty much enjoy them all. That is why my rainbow board game isn’t just a reader favorite, but my kids’ favorite too.

I am always looking for ways to teach them skills with games, so when I heard about the I Have, Who Has? game I just had to make it for them.

Supplies Needed:

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  • I have, Who has? Cards – download link at end of post
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Marker (regular or dry-erase, depending on whether you laminate the cards)
  • Laminator/lamination pouches (optional)
  1. Print the blank cards on cardstock for durability. Just print several copies until you have the amount of cards you would like. I would suggest printing about 5-10 copies, depending on how many people will be playing the game.
  2. Laminate the pages, if you would like and then cut them out. Or, if you are worried about the edges, cut the cards out and then laminate. I had some extra time so I did the latter.
  3. If you are not laminating, just cut the cards out.
  4. Write a words, letters, shapes, etc. to the cards. For example: I have “to” Who has “it” Then the next card would say I have “it” Who has “you” This continues until the last card at which point you would circle back around and end that card with the first word/letter/etc you used on the first card. In this example, that would be “to” This way you can start with any card in the pile and the game will go on as usual.

Playing the I have, Who has? Card Game

Deal the cards out to each player one by one until there are none left. If there are extra cards, it is fine to let a couple of the players have 1 more card. Or the parent/teacher can have the extras. It’s up to you.

Sight words game. A fun way to teach sight words to preschoolers and early elementary students.

The first player will start with one of their cards. After they are done with it they can lay it in a pile in the middle of the table or place it in a basket/tray on table. The game is over when all of the cards have been placed in the pile/tray.

Teach the alphabet and sight words with a fun card game! Blank cards so you can practice many other skills too!

I was surprised by how much my son liked this. I think it was because it was a card game and he thinks those are fun and because it was easy enough for him to play without a lot of instruction from me.

I have, Who has? Card Game for Kids to learn sight words, alphabet letters, shapes and more!

It is a FANTASTIC way to practice reading sight words, identifying letters and more! It is so much more fun than simply using flash cards or worksheets to learn these skills!

Download I have, Who has? Cards

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