LEGO Duplo Sight Word Towers

These LEGO DUPLO sight word towers are an excellent, hands-on way to teach kids sight words. Now kids can play with blocks and learn sight words!

LEGO sight word towers making learning sight words fun and hands-on! A cool literacy activity for kids!

My son loves playing with LEGO® bricks, so any time we can use them to teach him certain skills or concepts, he is happy. He thoroughly enjoyed the Building Sight Words activity I created a while back, so I had a good feeling he would think this one was pretty cool too. I was right!

Supplies Needed for this LEGO Activity:

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  • LEGO® DUPLO® bricks (2 x 2)
  • Long 2 x 8 DUPLO® plate
  • Chalk markers (or dry-erase markers)

Setting Up The Sight Words Activity

  1. Pick 1-3 words to work on. Write one letter of each word on the 2 x 2 DUPLO® bricks. Repeat 5-10 times. Do this for each word you are teaching.
  2. Put one set of the bricks in order on the 2 x 8 plate so they spell the word you are teaching. This is so your child can repeat the word by stacking blocks up on top of yours.
  3. I used two 2 x 8 plates and we worked on two words – “and” and “the”

Hands-on sight word activity that uses LEGO as a manipulative. Build and learn sight words!

Making LEGO DUPLO Sight Word Towers

I showed my son that I had created two words. He immediately identified “and” because he remembered it from our snowball toss sight word game. He didn’t remember “the” so I reminded him what word it was.

Teaching sight words in a fun way that boys will love!

He decided that he wanted to start with the word “and” and began looking for the bricks needed to spell it. First, he located the “a” and stacked it on top of the “a” that was already there. Then he found the “n” and did the same. Finally, he found an “d” and completed the word. He repeated this over and over again until he ran out of letters.

Sight word activity for a literacy center or literacy activity.

Make sight word towers for fun and learning!

Then he did the same thing for the word “the”. This time it was a bit easier because he didn’t have to search through letters he didn’t need. In the end, he has two towers of sight words.

This was a very effective way to help him memorize sight words. The repetition was just what he needed, without being boring and drill-like. He simply enjoyed making the towers over and over again.

LEGO sight word towers making learning sight words fun and hands-on! A cool literacy activity for kids!

To extend the learning, download my free printable Building Sight Words sheets!

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