Madeline Movement Game

This Madeline movement game is so simple to set up, but so much fun for kids. It is a gross motor activity that will have kids running, jumping, hopping and more!

Madeline book inspired movement activity. Gross motor fun for toddlers, preschoolers and kids.

This month the Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring the book Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. The book starts off talking about how the twelve little girls do much of their daily life in two straight lines. I thought it would be fun to play off of that and develop a movement game that is done in two straight lines.

Supplies Needed:

  • Painter’s Tape

That’s all you need!

  1. Make two parallel lines on the ground with the tape.

Madeline Movement Game

I instructed my kids to stand at one end of the line. Then I would call out a way to go down the line and they would do it. To begin, I asked them to walk down the line. But as we went through the activity we all got more silly.

Simple gross motor movement activity based on the book Madeline.

Here are some of the ways they went across the line:

  • Run
  • Jump
  • Hop like bunny
  • March
  • Dance
  • Hop on one foot and then the other
  • Crawl
  • Walk backwards
  • Slither like a snake
  • Skip
  • Hop like a frog
  • Act like an elephant
  • Act like a bird

Movement game with tape lines.

This went on and on. My kids kept coming with new ways to go down the line. They acted like tons of different animals and came up with various ways to maneuver at the same time. At one point, my son combined a bunch of ways at once. It was quite a sight!

Move and learn gross motor game for preschoolers.

Overall, it was a super fun way to get some exercise and practice lots of gross motor skills! My kids actually played it a second time the next day. I can tell this is going to be a winter staple for us! It’s a great way to move and learn when you can’t get outside!

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