Preschool Invitation to Make Books

This preschool invitation to make books is packed full of learning opportunities. Kids will develop writing, literacy and fine motor skills while making their very own books.

Invite preschoolers to make books with this fun set up!

This week the PLAYful Preschool team is having a book celebration! We have lots of fun book activities planned for you. Check out all of the other posts below.

This was so simple to set up, but my son was totally engrossed in the activity for a long time. I was actually quite surprised by how much he liked it.

The biggest key to success with this activity is the supplies you include. I chose stickers that Evan would find exciting and made sure to include his scented markers. I would highly recommend including supplies you know your child would enjoy.

I got space stickers and dinosaur stickers from the dollar store. When Evan saw them, he was very excited to get right to work making up stories about them.

Materials Needed:

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Setting Up the Books for Preschoolers to Make

1. I took 12 sheets of paper and cut them in half. Then I divided up the paper so that I had 4 stacks of paper with 3 sheets in each stack.

2. Next, fold each stack in half so that you have a small book with 6 pages total.

3. Staple along the folded edge of the book.

4. Gather all of your supplies and lay them out on a table with the blank books.

I made small books. If you would like to make bigger books, just don’t cut the paper in half.

Invite Preschoolers to Make Their Own Books

I invited Evan to use any of the supplies to make his very own books. As soon as he spotted the new stickers I bought, he was very excited. He immediately started peeling and sticking the space stickers to the first book.

Books for preschoolers to make on their own.

As he was adding stickers to the book, he was narrating out loud what the objects were doing. For example, he said “The rocket is flying to the planet and is going to explore the whole universe!” I asked him if he wanted to write that in his book. He thought that was a great idea and picked up a marker and wrote some letters.

A creative invitation to write and illustrate a book for preschoolers.

He also asked if I would write the story in his book. I agreed and wrote what he asked me to write on each page. However, I continued to encourage him to write things on his own as well.

He also drew his own pictures or added drawings to the stickers scenes he made. He really liked illustrating the books!

Eventually, I stepped away and he continued to make the books on his own. He made all four books that were included with the invitation and he couldn’t wait to read them all to me!

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