Rainbow Fish Suncatcher Craft

This rainbow fish suncatcher craft is great extension activity for the book The Rainbow Fish. It was simple and engaging enough for my not-so-crafty son. It was also excellent fine motor practice.

The Rainbow Fish suncatcher craft. Simple fish craft for preschoolers and toddlers.

We rarely do crafts because my son just isn’t interested in many of them. However, occasionally he enjoys a simple craft that allows him a lot of creative freedom. This rainbow fish craft was easy and open-ended enough to engage him.

Supplies Needed:

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1. Cut off a piece of contact paper large enough to accommodate the rainbow fish template.

2. With the backing still attached, place the template underneath the contact paper. The shiny side should be facing up and you should be able to see the outline of the rainbow fish through the contact paper. Trace the outline with permanent marker.

3. Cut the tissue paper into a bunch of small squares.

4. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and lay it sticky side up on your child’s work surface.

5. Lay the tissue paper squares and sequins near the contact paper.

Decorating a rainbow fish with tissue paper and sequins.

Making The Rainbow Fish Suncatcher Craft

I instructed Evan to stick the tissue paper squares and sequins onto the fish. He got right to work sticking them to the contact paper.

The Rainbow Fish sticky paper craft for kids.

He especially enjoyed sticking the sequins to the contact paper. I was happy about that because manipulating the tiny sequins proved to be an excellent fine motor challenge for him.

The Rainbow Fish book extension activity.

Once he was finished covering the fish with tissue paper and sequins, I cut another sheet of contact paper, peeled off the backing and placed it sticky side down over top of the fish. The end result is similar to laminating the fish. Then I cut out the rainbow fish.

The end result is very pretty and really brightens up our sliding glass doors. Evan is glad that it is proudly displayed for all to see!

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