Simple Wreath Craft

Evan doesn’t sit still very long for craft projects. So I have to come up with quick, low prep ideas. This one was a big hit with him. I think this wreath craft would make a great present for grandparents and other family members. It uses simple supplies that you already have or can pick up very easily and cheaply.

Wreath Craft


Paper plates


Glue stick

Green tissue paper (the kind you use to wrap gifts is perfect)

Pom Poms (craft section of many stores/Dollar Tree) – you can also use jewels, buttons, beads, stickers, etc.

Pipe Cleaners (craft section of many stores/Dollar Tree) – Optional


Parent Prep (for toddlers):

1.Cut out the center of a paper plate.

2.Cut the tissue paper into squares.

Child’s part:

1.Use the glue stick to apply glue all over the surface of the plate.


2. Stick the tissue paper squares to the plate.

2013-12-07 16.12.26

3. Put a dot of glue on top of the tissue paper and stick a pom pom on. Push down on it so it sticks. (We used the glue stick and so far they are staying on, but you may want to use liquid glue to guarantee a better hold)


4. Make a hole at the top of the wreath (I used a hole punch, but you can use scissors to puncture the plate).

5. Use pipe cleaner, ribbon, string, etc. to create a hanger.

2013-12-07 16.09.53