Soap and Vinegar Cleaner

This soap and vinegar cleaner is an awesome way to remove stuck on soap scum! It was a miracle worker on my glass shower doors!
Soap and Vinegar graphic

I recently came across a pin on Pinterest about this awesome cleaner. It claimed to do amazing things when used on your tub/shower. Our shower was definitely in need of a major cleaning and the glass shower doors were horrendous.

Since buying this house 2.5 years ago we had tried so many different cleaners and methods to get the doors clean, but none of them did the trick. They made them look better, but never got off all the soap scum. So I figured I would give this concoction a try. The author of the blog post seemed really happy with the results and the pictures she posted looked pretty convincing.

It is a mix of blue Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. You add 1 cup of the Dawn to a spray bottle. Then you heat up 1 cup of vinegar  in the microwave until it starts to boil. Add the vinegar to the Dawn and close the spray bottle. I then let it cool for a minute or two before shaking the mixture up.*I didn’t have blue Dawn, so I just used the Palmolive dish soap I had on hand.

I sprayed it very liberally all over the shower doors, walls, floor, and faucet. Then a I left it…for about 5 hours. The longer the better.

And the results…

20130623_204310   20130623_204319

This cleaner is AMAZING!!! It removed all the soap scum from the shower doors! The rest of my shower got super clean as well. I have since used it on toilets, sinks with hard water stains, bath tubs and more. It does a fabulous job on everything!

The key is to leave it and come back later. I’ve tried scrubbing it off 30 minutes later and it didn’t do a great  job. Whenever I leave it for a few hours, the results are FAR better. I will add that it is very soapy. You will have lots of suds and will have to do quite a bit of rinsing, but the results are so worth it! Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

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