Fun Food: Spider Brownies

I love making fun food for my kids, but I don’t love when it’s complicated and time-consuming. These spider brownies are so fun to eat and so easy to make!

Brownie Spider Snack Dessert

Evan loves it when I make fun food for him and fun treats are always a hit at parties. However, I like to keep it simple. I don’t like to spend 20 minutes assembling one sandwich that will be eaten quickly. These spider brownies will be a hit with your kids and you can assemble one in about a minute! You can also make the brownies yourself in a mini muffin tin or cut them out with a small circle cookie cutter. Of course, that will add to the prep time.

Materials Needed:

Pre-made brownie bites – I got mine in the Target bakery, but I’ve seen them in other stores as well.

Pretzel sticks

Chocolate icing

Mini M&Ms

Steps to make spider brownies:

1. Push 4 pretzel sticks into each side of the brownie.

2. Put two dots of chocolate icing on top of the brownie and near the front of it

3. Place mini M&Ms on the chocolate dots

That’s it folks! I told you it was easy. These are sure to be a hit with your kids or at your Halloween event!

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