Spider Web Alphabet Activity

This spider web alphabet activity is an exciting and active way to work on letter recognition, letter sounds and even spelling! It is simple to set up and requires very few materials, but it will make a big impact.

Spider Web Alphabet Activity Letter Recognition

Active learning is always a win in our house, so this activity was perfect. Evan really enjoyed maneuvering through the web while searching for the letter spiders. I had a blast watching him.

Materials Needed:

White yarn

Toy spiders – you could also use print outs

Washi tape or something similar to write the letters on and stick to the spiders

Activity Prep:

1. Tie the yarn to the legs of the dining table and dining chairs. Weaving the yarn all around to get a spider web effect.

2. Cut off small pieces of washi tape and write letters on them. We worked on all the letters in Evan’s name.

3. Place the pieces of tap on the spider.

4. Place spiders on the web. I was able to get them to hang on the yarn without any tape. I just weaved the legs around the yarn.

Activity Details:

After I placed all the spiders, I had Evan stand at one side of the web and gave him a “Ready, Set, Go!” Then he was off. He crawled and climbed and weaved his way through the web while grabbing the spiders on his way.

Spider Web Alphabet Activity Letter Recognition

I decided to work on identifying the letters of his name. So after he collected all the spiders, I helped him put them in order to spell his name. We said the names of the letters in order and out loud together several times.

Spider Web Alphabet Activity Letter Recognition

Then I put all the spiders back in the web and started all over again, per Evan’s request of course!

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