Teaching Symmetry to Preschoolers with LEGO Bricks

This hands-on math activity is perfect for teaching symmetry to preschoolers and young kids. It makes learning symmetry fun and playful!

Preschool math activity that uses LEGO to teach symmetry.

Evan loves all things LEGO and is very motivated to learn when I use LEGO bricks to teach him various concepts. They are so many ways you can use them to play and learn!

This math activity was no exception. Evan enjoyed it and actually asked to do more after the first one we did. I was happy to continue the learning, so we did this several times.

One thing I really like about this activity is that you can vary the difficulty level. I increased the difficulty as we went along.

Materials Needed:

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Setting Up the LEGO Symmetry Math Activity

1. Place a piece of tape down the middle of a LEGO baseplate or your work surface.

2. Place LEGO bricks on one side of the tape line and leave the other side blank. *Tip: Make sure you have a matching piece for every one you use.

Hands-on preschool math lesson on symmetry with LEGO

Learning Symmetry with LEGO

Preschool symmetry lesson with LEGO

I showed Evan what I had set up. We had talked very little about symmetry prior to this, so I explained that he needed to copy what I did on my side, on his side. I helped him with the first two or three LEGO bricks and then he picked right up on it and was able to do the rest on his own.

Teach symmetry in a fun, hands-on way!

As we did the activity over again several times, I made the design harder. I began to stack blocks of different colors on each other and placed more bricks on my side.

The only thing that tripped him up a bit was the stacks that had different colored bricks. He would look at the brick on top of the stack and not realize the ones underneath were different colors.

This was actually a great way to work on observation skills and critical thinking skills as well.

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