Fall Activities for Toddlers: Part 1


Fall Crafts Part 1 Graphic

Things have still been pretty crazy with two kids, but it is easing up. So, I wanted to start doing some fun Fall/Thanksgiving activities with Evan. The first thing I did with him is this Fall Fingerprint Tree. I found a tree template here. Then I gave him some Fall colored paint and he dipped his fingers in and dabbed them on the tree.

20131110_125009 20131110_125019 20131110_125107

After that we worked on painting some fall corn. I found the corn printable here. For this activity I gave him cotton swabs and he dabbed the paint on with those. The dabbing only lasted a short time and then turned into painting with long strokes. So the end product wasn’t exactly as I hoped, but that is definitely to be expected.  I do give him directions and show him what to do, but I don’t force him to follow them. If he wants to do something else, I am fine with that. Right now I just want him to have fun and enjoy the process.

20131110_125505 20131110_125533

I printed out some Thanksgiving coloring sheets and gave him some paint and a paintbrush. Then I let him go to town.  You can use Google Images to find tons of Thanksgiving coloring sheets.

20131110_130155 20131110_130217

Hope this helps you plan some simple Fall activities for your little one!