Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments that Young Kids Can Make

My kids loved making washi tape Christmas ornaments the other day! It is super simple to make and a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills. You can even send them to long distance relatives inside a Christmas card too!

Washi tape Christmas ornaments that young kids can make. Easy Christmas craft idea for preschoolers! Kid-made Christmas gift.

My kids love making ornaments for family, so it is something we do every year. Last year, we made these easy fill the ball ornaments that even my two year old could make herself! And this year we also made these pine tree ornaments inspired by the book Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree.

We also wanted to make an ornament that would be easy to ship to family that is farther away. One awesome aspect of this washi tape Christmas ornament is that we were able to send them inside the Christmas cards we normally send out! What a fun surprise for long-distance family members!

Setting Up the Christmas Ornament Craft

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Start by tracing a circle onto the green poster board over and over again for as many ornaments as you want to make. I used the lid from a jar of peanut butter.
  2. Cut out all of the circles. They won’t be perfect because it is hard to cut out a perfect circle, but I think it adds character. 🙂 If you do want to get fancy, you could get this 3.5 inch circle punch. I may get one for next year!
  3. Put the circles and the washi tape on the table and you’re ready to go!

Your kids are now ready to make their washi tape Christmas ornaments!

Making ornaments with washi tape.

Making the Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas craft for young kids to make.

To begin, I showed my kids how to peel the tape back and tear it. However, they struggled to tear it well, so we changed over to cutting it. My three year old figured out how to cut it quite easily, but she is probably a bit ahead on fine motor skills. My son struggles with fine motor tasks, but was able to figure this out after a few tries.

Washi tape Christmas craft.

Christmas ornament fine motor activity.

After they cut off a piece of washi tape, they would stick it to a circle. They did this over and over again until the circle was covered in tape.

Washi tape fine motor activity.

My 3 year old just put tape every which way. My son, on the other hand, made patterns and lined the pieces of tape up next to each other. I think both versions look fantastic!

I did show them how to fold the tape over the sides of the circle so that they didn’t just stick to the table. They were also able to do this with no trouble.

Washi tape Christmas ornaments for kids.

After all of the circles were covered in washi tape, I punched holes in them and strung yarn through to use as hangers.

Kindergarten Christmas craft idea.

Don’t forget to have the kids sign their name on the back and include a short note, if age appropriate. My 5 year old wrote “I love you” and signed his name. I wrote 2016 on each one as well, so that we can remember when they made them when they are on our tree years from now.

Then we put some of the washi tape Christmas ornaments on gifts and also put a few in Christmas cards to send to out of town family. The kids are so excited for their family to receive them!

Super easy Christmas ornament that kids can make and send in your Christmas cards!

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