Water the Flowers Alphabet Activity

This water the flowers alphabet activity is a great way to learn letters this spring and summer. Kids will have a blast watering sidewalk chalk flowers!

Water the Flowers Alphabet Activity. Preschool letter learning activity you can do outdoors.

It’s almost always a hit when you combine water and learning. This activity was no exception. Evan had a great time using our homemade watering can to sprinkle the sidewalk chalk flowers with water.

I love that it was super simple to set up. It will be easy to do with him again and again this spring and summer. Each time we can use different letters. We may even try it with sight words soon.

Materials Needed:

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Setting Up the Sidewalk Chalk Flowers and Watering Can

1. Draw flowers on your play surface. Write a letter in the center of each flower. Make them fairly big so the letter written on it is easily visible.

2. If you don’t have a watering can, you can make one with a milk jug. I just poked holes in the lid with a pair of scissors. Make sure you don’t fill it with too much water or it may be difficult to lift and pour.

Water the Flowers and Learn Letters

At first I called out a letter and Evan sprinkled water on it. Then I began calling out sounds and Evan identified the letter that made that sound and then sprinkled water on that flower.

Draw sidewalk chalk flowers on cement.

You could also call out a word and have your child identify the beginning sound of that word and sprinkle water on the corresponding flower.

Use the watering can to sprinkle the alphabet flowers

It was a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having, while moving and learning letters. Evan really enjoyed it!

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