Watercolor Crayon Resist Easter Egg Hunt

Use watercolors and a paintbrush to go on a crayon resist Easter egg hunt! This fun art activity will delight kids while creating beautiful Spring artwork to display.

Watercolor Crayon Resist Easter Egg Hunt

Lately, Evan has been very interested in art. He loves drawing and painting. We have artwork taped to walls all over our house right now. He also loves scavenger hunts. I figured a combination of the two would have to be a hit with him. My instincts were right because he really loved this!

Materials Needed to Go On a Crayon Resist Easter Egg Hunt

Large white construction paper

Watercolors – I actually added food coloring to a couple of tablespoons of water


White crayon

Activity Prep:

1. Draw small Easter eggs all over the white paper with a white crayon. You need to press hard for the crayon to resist the paint. I actually go over everything twice with the crayon as I go along.

2. Set out your watercolor paints and paintbrushes. I like to use one paintbrush for each color paint. Evan tends to forget to rinse his brush in between colors and everything just turns brown, so having a paintbrush for each color is much easier.

Go On a Crayon Resist Easter Egg Hunt

Tell your child that there is something hidden on the paper and they are going to use the watercolor paints to find it. While painting they should come across the eggs you drew on the paper and realize that there are Easter eggs hiding on the paper.

Paint over white crayon and find eggs

White crayon resists watercolor and the Easter eggs show up

Have them continue to paint until the paper has been completely covered with paint and all the eggs are found.

Watercolor resist Easter egg hunt for kids

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