Weaving a Spider Web Alphabet Activity

This weaving a spider web alphabet activity is super simple to set up and tons of fun! It is an excellent way to develop fine motor skills and learn letters!

Teach the alphabet with a spider web weaving activity!

I’ll be honest. E really isn’t into weaving activities. I think they are great for developing fine motor skills so I wanted to try to motivate him to do one. I figured that if there is anything that would encourage him to weave, it would be a spider web! And boy, was I right!

Sometimes, the success of an activity is dependent on how you pitch it to your kids. Making a spider web is fun, but I still wasn’t sure if that would be enough to draw him in. So I told him that he was going to pretend he was a spider and he was going to weave his web. This really captured his attention and served as a great motivator.

Supplies Needed:

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Spider theme activity for preschool and kindergarten.

  1. Cut out the center of the paper plate.
  2. Punch holes around the paper plate. Space them out a bit so you have room for letters.
  3. Write a letter next to each hole. I did letters “a” through “o.”
  4. Cut off a strand of yarn about 36″ long. Tie it to the first hole you would like your child to start with. Mine was “a.”
  5. Tape the other end of the yarn so that it is easier to thread it through the holes.

Weaving a Spider Web Alphabet Activity

Lacing a spider web fine motor activity for learning letters.

I was actually surprised by how much E liked this and how effective it was. He really had to think about which letter came next and often had to run through the alphabet again and again. It was an excellent way to practice putting letters in alphabet order.

Weaving a spider web alphabet activity for preschoolers.

In addition, he got lots of fine motor practice. Weaving and lacing are not something he is used to at all so he worked on fine motor skills that he doesn’t often work on. He caught on quickly and had no problems after that.

Spider web weaving activity for fine motor skills and teaching the alphabet.

Weaving spider webs alphabet activity and Halloween craft.

Afterward, we had a really cool spider web to hang up as a decoration! He wanted to hang it outside for the real spiders to use, but I convinced him it would hold up better inside and we could hang our toy spiders on it too.

Weaving a spider web alphabet activity for preschoolers.

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