Winter Alphabet Activity: Indoor Ice Skating for Letters

This winter alphabet activity is a blast! Kids will have so much fun pretending to ice skate around on paper plates while learning the letters of the alphabet.

Winter Alphabet Activity: Indoor Ice Skating for Letters. Learn letter identification and letter sounds with this fun, active game!

I love it when an activity is so much fun that Evan has no idea we are “doing preschool.” While skating around on the plates, he practiced identifying letters and making letter sounds. He absolutely loved skating around on the paper plates. I may have even gotten in on the action. I couldn’t help myself. It looked so fun.

Materials Needed:

Paper plates

Foam or paper snowflakes. You could also just use pieces of paper with a letter written on each.

Activity Prep:

1. Write a letter on each snowflake or piece of paper. Spread them out all over the floor.

Activity Details:

Show your child how to put a paper plate under each foot and skate around on them. We found that this worked better with bare feet. Once they have the hang of skating around on the plates, explain that they need to skate around to the letters on the floor and when they get to one they should identify the letter by name and then tell you the sound the letter makes.

It is a little more fun if you spread them out  from each other so that they have more time to skate in between letters. You could also just use a couple different letters at one time. Once those are identified, put down a couple more and so on until you are ready to end the activity.

I highly recommend this activity! I bet your kids will love it!

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