Using Connect the Dots Printables to Teach Numbers

Make learning numbers fun and engaging with these connect the dots printables. Children will have a great time using the free printable dot to dot number cards to learn to order numbers. This numbers activity would be perfect for preschool or kindergarten math centers or morning tubs!

Connect the dots printable number cards.

Connect the Dots Printables that Teach Numbers

Do your kids enjoy connect the dots activities too? My kids are pretty much obsessed with them right now. So when I saw this neat dot to dot clip art, I just knew I had to make some cool activities with it.

My daughter has been learning numbers, so I couldn’t wait to make these dry-erase connect the dots number cards for her.

They come in both color and black and white. There is also a recording sheet, if you like to have something for the kids to turn in.

Printable dot to dot number cards.

Prepping the Dot to Dot Cards

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This time I chose to laminate each card and use them with markers, but you could definitely just slip the whole sheets into write and wipe pockets and use dry-erase markers on them.

You could also print the cards in black and white and the kids can’t just write on them with pencil or crayon. It’s totally up to you.

Connect the dots printables

I will say that my kids really enjoyed using markers on them and being able to wipe it off and do it again. It made this connect the dot printable even more engaging for them.

I use 5 mil lamination sheets so dry-erase marker comes off of it. I do end up having to use hand sanitizer on them to remove staining, but it works fairly well.

Wet-erase markers work very well, but the kids will need wet wipes or a wet paper towel to remove the marker.

Using the Connect the Dots Number Cards

I showed my kids the connect the dots number cards and they were super excited to get started. Especially, when I showed them that they could use dry-erase markers on them.

Teach numbers with connect the dots printables.

It was a great way for my daughter to practice identifying numbers and learn their order. She was so impressed each time she was done and could see that she made a number. Of course, she also loved erasing them after she was done too.

Teach numbers with these dot to dot printables.

My son just wanted to join in on the activity because connect the dots are his thing right now. 🙂 Despite it being a bit too easy for him, he had a great time.

I hope your kids have a fun and engaging time while using this connect the dots printables!

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