Easter Egg Puzzles for Teaching Letters and Sight Words

These Easter egg puzzles are a tactile way to learn letters and sight words. Kids will also use critical thinking skills to put the egg puzzles together correctly.

Easter Egg Puzzles for Learning Letters and Sight Words

Evan enjoys puzzles and he had a great time when we made a pumpkin patch on the window in October. So I thought it would be neat to make puzzles with craft foam eggs.

You can usually find foam egg shapes at dollar stores and craft stores around Easter. I planned to buy those and cut them apart and into puzzles. Then I checked the $1 Spot at Target and was super excited to find out that they had foam eggs that were already cut into 3 sections! Less work for me.

Materials Needed:

Craft foam eggs


Permanent Marker

Paintbrush and small bowl (optional) – I will elaborate on this more below.

How to Make the Easter Egg Puzzles

1. If you don’t get the eggs that are already cut apart, you will need to use scissors to cut the eggs yourself.

2. Write a capital letter on one piece of the puzzle, the matching lowercase letter on the second puzzle piece and a sight word that begins with that letter on the third puzzle piece.

Using Easter Egg Puzzles to Teach Letters and Sight Words

Evan really enjoys using water to stick craft foam to the window, so when he was presented with these puzzles that was exactly what he wanted to do with them. I provided him with a bowl of water and a paintbrush and he painted the backs of them with water before sticking them to the window.

Paint the backs of the foam shapes with water and stick them to the window

I thought they would look great on the front window where they could also serve as Easter decorations that everyone could see.

I explained to Evan that he need to pick up one piece that had a letter on it, identify the letter and then find the other two pieces that matched the letter.

Match lowercase letters, uppercase letters and sight words that are written on the Easter eggs

This was one of our first times including sight words in an activity, but he did very well with them. He just looked for the letter at the start of the word. It was a great way to introduce him to sight words and briefly discuss certain words while doing the puzzles.

He enjoyed this a lot and I love that I can leave them up as decorations!

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