Free Editable Name Tracing Printable Worksheets for Name Practice

These editable name tracing printable worksheets make learning to write names so much fun! Just type each name or word once and all of the sheets auto-populate.

Editable name tracing printable worksheets to learn to write name. A fun name practice activity for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Editable Name Tracing Printable Worksheets

One important thing that kids learn while in preschool or kindergarten is how to spell and write their name. So I wanted to come up with an easy way for teachers and parents to practice this important skill with their kids.

I made this very popular name search printable, but I wanted to make another printable that would help kids learn to write their name too.

That’s why I made these editable name tracing printable worksheets that are effective and engaging for kids.

My kids are loving them, so I hope the kids in your life will too!

Teach kids to write their name with this hands-on name tracing printable worksheet!

Using the Name Practice Worksheets

Supplies Needed:

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  1. On the list, type a name in each space.
  2. Each page will automatically be customized for the names entered on the list.
  3. Print all of the pages you need.
  4. Place a dot sticker under each letter of the name for easy tracking.
  5. Put the pages into write and wipe pockets or page protectors. You can also laminate them, but you will probably have to use wet erase markers on them instead.

** I used tiny color coding label dots to make it easier for my kids to track the letters as they spell the names. You can also just use markers to color the dots on the name tracing sheet yourself.

Name Writing Practice

I made a page for each of my kids, but also did a few with family names on them because my son wanted to learn to write them. My son loved that he was able to learn to write the names of other people.

Name writing practice worksheets that you can edit!

In the first box, I have my kids spell the name by placing a finger on each dot while saying the letter above it. Then they say the name out loud.

A fun name practice activity for kids to learn to write their name.

In the second box, they use letter beads or alphabet magnets to build the name. You could also use letter tiles.

Teach kids to write their name with this hands-on name tracing worksheet printable!

In the third and final box, they trace the name with a fine point dry-erase marker.

Learning to Write Names

If you are doing this in a classroom preschool or kindergarten students, I would make one for each child and make this a part of their morning routine.

All you have to do is type the names on this page and then all the name practice pages will automatically be filled in with the names.

Editable name tracing printable activity for kids to learn to write names.

Editable name tracing printable worksheets.

The file MUST be opened in ADOBE ACROBAT READER after you download it. You can get Adobe Reader for free here, if you don’t already have it. You will not be able to edit the file properly without Adobe Reader.

Once you click download button in the email you receive, the file will open. Then you will need to click the download button at the top right (it’s the one with arrow pointing down). Choose where you want the file to be saved on your computer. Then go to that place to open the file. This time right click on the file and choose “Open with” and then pick Adobe Acrobat. Once it is opened in Adobe Acrobat, you will be able to edit all of the names.

You will not be able to do this on your phone. You will need to do it on a computer.

I hope the kids have a blast with these editable name tracing printable worksheets! Add them to your morning routine or literacy centers for lots of fun and learning.

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